Megan Hoetger

Megan Hoetger is a historian and hard femme. She holds a PhD in Performance Studies with specializations in Critical Theory and Film Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. Currently she is a curator with the Amsterdam-based arts organization If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution. Her archival and curatorial practice maps the political economies in which underground media networks were formed transnationally during the Cold War period.

Connected Material

What does it mean to do archival research in embodied ways? Where is ‘the archive’ located in such an approach? And how might the open form of ‘the score’—a provisional map, a musical or performance score, a speculative cartography, an image atlas, a set of instructions—offer possibilities for articulating and transmitting the knowledge of elusive archives?

An interview with Susanne Altmann, art historian and curator, about methods of historical witnessing and her work about women’s art and artistic networks in former East Germany (GDR).

How are cities and their nightlife architectures archives of layered histories? The long term project “Disco Comradeship” embraces the sidewalks of Berlin as a crucial site for archiving the traces of unfinished histories.