Nina Prader

Nina Prader (Lady Liberty Press) is an artist, writer, curator, and independent publisher. She studied at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston (TUFTS University) and at the Slade School of Fine Art (University College London). She received her MA in Critical Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. Most recently she curated the exhibition Druck Druck Druck (with John Z. Komurki) and is a librarian at the Impossible Library.

Connected Material

An open-source, collaborative diary for creating archival alliances. We identify “commoning the archive” as a disobedient, decolonized, autonomous, subversive, and rogue practice. Hereby, we can approach it as a collective mnemonic practice.

The Risograph is a Japanese print machine that uses soy based monochrome ink. This essay explores the Risograph through the lens of independent publishing. What are the notions of ownership, values, community networks and archival tactics surrounding this printing technique?