Marie Schamboeck

Marie Schamboeck works in between literature and architecture, formerly based at the Chair for Architectural Theory and Philosophy of Technics at Technical University Vienna and various theatre productions. She currently works as an assistant at Herzog & de Meuron, is part of Neues Kino Basel and publishes literary texts under the name of Fransa Routhin (e.g. in Jenny. Ausgabe 03 – Denken, Behaupten, Großtun, 2015, and the artist book Shellpunk, 2017).

Connected Material

Delving into the notion of the desktop as an archival site and methodology, this contribution presents two divergent outputs resulting from collaboration between the participants and co-conveners of the Academy workshop “Desktop Shortcuts”: an in-development simplified database of hyperlinks, and a poetic game of disorder.

Vilém Flusser Archive exists twice, once as a completely digital duplicate. Based on this, the authors follow the reasoning of duplicity in order to approach Flusser’s legacy.