Ioannis Andronikidis

Ioannis Andronikidis is an art historian, writer and translator currently based in Greece. He has studied History, Archaeology and History of Art at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Edinburgh College of Art. His current research and practice focus on lens-based practices, labor, subjectivity reproduction, auto/biography and archives.

Connected Material

Beyond the objects in any given archive is a myriad of people, encounters and exchanges. The desire to locate the human element beneath archives is challenged by new technology. As part of ‘Life Stories and Archives’, we began a virtual ‘common archive’. Our collaborative thread addresses pertinent questions arising from shared interests in how individual’s origins, biases, networks and political struggles fuel the need to collect.

The research project Poem Letters takes on translation as an archival process and calls for a reimagination of the ways we read and tran(re)slate archival material.