Özge Çelikaslan

Özge Çelikaslan is a media scholar, videographer and archivist based in Germany. Her works focus on the politics of image, archival networks and digital commons. She pursues her PhD research at the Braunschweig University of Art (HBK). She is co-founder of the social movements archive https://bak.ma/.

Connected Material

Epistolary narrative, dialogism, intertextuality, speculative narrative — we imagine this text to be letters between the two of us across different temporalities, making use of a speculative and fragmented narrative in line with the themes we explore in our work: archiving the unarchivable, emotions, memories, and other human conditions within the horizon of extinction.

An open-source, collaborative diary for creating archival alliances. We identify “commoning the archive” as a disobedient, decolonized, autonomous, subversive, and rogue practice. Hereby, we can approach it as a collective mnemonic practice.