KANG Sang-woo

KANG Sang-woo was born in Seoul, and after studying physics and computer science in college he began making films while working as a programmer. His filmography of short films includes Anmado (2014), CLEAN ME (2014) and Like We Are Not Here (2016). Spanning both fiction and non-fiction, his works explore political, social, and sensual worlds of minorities in Korean society. His works have been shown at museums and film festivals, such as Indieforum, Vancouver International Film Festival, Seoul Independent Film Festival, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul International Experimental Film Festival among others. KIM-GUN is his first feature film.

Connected Material

A conversation about KANG Sang-woo’s film KIM-GUN and how it treats historical evidence and testimonies as a ‘horizon of contingent truths’ with the potential to be pieced together in alternating ways, touching upon the complex dynamics of archives and life stories, collective memory and amnesia, the mechanisms of image-making and history-writing.